Quienes Somos

Somos fabricantes de nuestros propios productos que son diseñados en EUA especialmente para la infraestructura y condiciones de Latinoamerica.

Nuestros componentes son cuidadosamente seleccionados y en su mayoria de origen Japones.

Nuestros distribuidores en Mexico te pueden brindar el soporte tecnico necesario para tu correcta instalacion e implementacion




Quality product sustained customer loyalty.

Quality and customer satisfaction are our most important guiding principles. In every aspect of our business, we are focused on providing superior product quality and services. We incorporate environmental awareness, as well as the protection and advancement of our employees in all areas.
Relying on the pillars of the EFQM-Model "Business Excellence," most of our subsidiaries' Quality Management Systems are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008. Further contributing to the continuous enhancement of our products, processes and services, well-established quality methodologies such as Six Sigma, FMEA's and Quality Circles are actively applied to our daily business.
With the aid of this integrated management system and the responsible and considered usage of resources, we support our customers with a maximum of process, product and service quality in growing, moving and forward-looking markets.

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